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LED 筒灯

Introduction of LED downlight

Downlight for indoor lighting composed of LED module, control device, connector, lamp body, etc.
According to the structure, it can be divided into self-contained control device type (ie integral type) and separate control device type.
According to the installation method, it can be divided into fixed type and embedded type. Application places: home lighting, entertainment lighting, office
Public lighting, large public lighting, local lighting, wine and commercial lighting, etc.

Features of LED light source
Long life, environmental protection, potential high luminous efficiency, small size, narrow spectrum, easy to control (fast switching).

Physical scale space: unlimited flexibility and unlimited flexibility of light distribution;
Spectral space: generate any spectrum;
Time: Generate an arbitrary lighting time sequence.

The characteristics of LED as the basic unit of lighting make LED lighting become infinitely possible.Elements to achieve infinite possibilities:

1、Light effect

355Lm/W RGB LED: 350~370Lm/W
Bule LED+YAG: 280Lm/W

2、cost and life

100000 hours, 25000 hours of actual measurement, for most lighting applications, 25000 hours have met the requirements.
The basic structure of LED downlight
component:Hardware—face cover, reflector, radiator, light source component—aluminum substrate, high-power LED, constant current source (output 350MA)

Can be equipped with light source: 6070, 5050, 5730, 3528
Product series: high-power series downlights, low-power series downlights
Installation method: Embedded

Surface treatment of LED downlight housing

Surface treatment:
High light oxidation
Sandblasting and oxidation (placer silver, placer gold, etc.);
Drawing oxidation (drawing silver, drawing gold, etc.);
Injection treatment;
Powder spraying

Downlight Product Series
According to different materials and structures, it can be divided into the following categories:

High-power LED metal shell
High-power LED plastic shell
Low power LED

High-power LED metal shell series, including the following size products

2.5 inch/3 inch/4 inch/5 inch/6 inch


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